Restaurant & Cafe Chairs In Mumbai

Our vast range of metal chairs in Mumbai, India are designed and crafted for restaurants and multi purpose use. These chairs blend with modern as well as retro themes and are designed for utmost comfort and optimum space.

The selection has been handpicked, covering all design aspects to lend value and pride to the spaces they are allotted.

PP & Lounge Chairs

Metal & Theme Chairs


Our popular models of  restaurant chairs:

Tolix chair: Ancient French design cafe/multipurpose chair that is compact &comfortable and can be stacked when not in use.

The tolix chair is weather resistant,light weight and is available in a array of colours, the tolix family extends to bar stools ,tables and benches,which are ideal for theme restaurants and cafes.

Navy chair: The renowned Navy metal chair is designed to withstand moisture and bodyweight; plus at the same it is rugged and light to handle.

X cross chair: the x cross back chair is designed to give a classic vintage look and feel.

Geometric designs: Geometric designs of tables and chair bases give a ethnic and classy feel to the ambience and our trendsetting straight lines, curves and cross rays add a touch of elegance and substance to the space.


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