Conceptualized in 1998, our company has been striving to provide designs and trends to suit compact houses. The sleeker and straight metal furniture design adds openness to the space and makes it lighter and bigger in feel.

The name ‘Oliver’ has been derived from a catalogue circulated in East Asia, covering furniture trends of modern times.

Our contemporary and aesthetic designs appeal to all classes. Where a storage bed and sofa cum bed provides maximum space utilization, the sleek and sophisticated beds, chairs designs make u feel light and easy. Moreover, our prices are affordable and also provide customizing options, to suit your space and requirement.

Project furniture includes a variety of bunk beds and accommodation furniture, widely used in hostels, guest houses, servant quarters, dormitories etc.

Continuing with our sincere efforts to provide our clients with outstanding quality along with a fair price over the years, we have built a strong patronizing customer base.


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